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El Paril Beach Resort

The El Paril beach resort is location at Brgy. Caliclic Babak Igacos Samal District near Rainbow Beach Resort and Coco Beach Resort.

Save as you travel.  You can save while visiting the resort since it is one of the cheapest white sand beach resort in Samal Island.  You can reach El Paril  Beach Resort for just two to four minutes travel from Samal wharf using any type of vehicle such as tricycle, motorcycle and a cab. You can ride on the tricycle and motorcycle with a fare of fifteen pesos.

The resort is perfect for family reunions and gatherings because of its vast surroundings. The resort is known as one of the resort in Samal that is for masses because of its cheap rate. Typically the resort is crowded during weekends. So if your planning to have a quite and peaceful escapade in the resort, it is advisable that you go there during weekdays. The resort amenities includes parking area, canteen and grillers.

Contact Information:

  • Contact Person: Ms. Irene
  • Mobile Numbers:  0921-808-80-91 and 0905-434-61-87

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Do’s and Don’ts
  • Early resort arrival time. Resort only accepts reservation when you pay ahead of time. It is advisable for walk-in customers to arrive early on the resort when you are planning to get a cottage or a room since there are many customers. It is best to contact the resort to have a hassle free vacation.
  • Bring Food. There is no restaurant in the resort you are expected to bring your own food when going to the resort. However, you can cook food in their griller area, it is free of charge just bring charcoal.
  • Bring needed things. All needed things must be ready before going to the resort since its canteen might not have it. Good thing there is a convenient store near the wharf so it is advisable to drop by at the convenient store and buy all the things you need to have a stress free vacation!
  • Bring power banks. Since resort outlets are limited it is advisable to bring power bank or extra battery.
  • Don’t leave your things unattended. The resort will not be accountable to your belongings. It is advised not bring any valuable things with you when going to the resort.


Entrance FeeDay TourOver Night
Child (5-10yrs old)P 15.00P 20.00
Adult (11yrs old & Up)P 20.00P 30.00
Cottage/RoomDay TourOver night
Small Cottage (max. of 10 persons)P 150.00P 200.00
Small Cottage (max. of 20 persons)P 250.00P 300.00
Mini Pavillion (max. of 30 persons)P 500.00P 500.00
Big Pavilion (max. of 50 persons)P 1000.00P 1000.00
Ordinary Room (2 persons)P 600.00 (entrance fee included)P 600.00 (entrance fee included)
Amenities/Rental ServicesRate
Small TentP 50.00
Big TentP 100.00
Cellphone Charging/ Camera ChargingP 50.00
Tablet ChargingP 80.00
Speaker UsageP 150.00 - P 350.00
Pump Boat (4 destinations)P 8000.00 (good for 20 persons)
Pump Boat (4 destinations)P 9000.00 (good for 25 persons)
Check – In Time: 07:00 AM/05:00 PM Check – Out Time: 05:00 PM/7:00 AM
Note Listed rates may subject to change without prior notice.

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