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Isla Beach Resort

Isla beach resort is known as the beach resort for masses since it has a wide place that can accommodate hundreds of people and is very very cheap, which is typically for masses! This resort is very ideal for family reunions with a tight budget. It is one of the beach resorts that is short distance away from the Samal City wharf. It is located at Barangay Caliclic, Babak District, Island Garden City of Samal in between El Paril-Caliclic Beach Resort and Coco Beach Resort.

From the wharf station, the resort can be reach by riding a single motor or a tricycle which cost 15 pesos per person. If you’re a solo traveler or bag packer, you can hire or pakyaw a single motor for 30.00 pesos or a tricycle for 75.00 pesos to directly take you to the resort. But, if you are not in a hurry situation, you can walk your way to the resort. It is about 10 to 15 minutes walk from the wharf station.

Entrance fee,  cottage fee and corkage are being collected at the entrance of the resort. Note that no fees should be collected inside the resort. As you walk your way to the resort, you can immediately notice the vastness of the resort. Along your way to the cottages is a souvenir shop which sells various beach stuffs like floaters, swimming cloths and souvenir items at a very low price.

The  resort is not as well develop like the other beach resorts in Samal City, however they have all the needed facilities to cater reunion, team building or just a simple family outing. Its facilities includes  canteen, souvenir shop, open and close cottages, pavillion and parking lot. The resort also have videoke machines which is super perfect for family gathering! If you are planning to play some outdoor sports, the resort also has a volleyball and basketball court.  Typical barrio dirty ice cream, ice drops and cotton candy vendors are available in the resort.

Canteen of the resort don’t offer cooked food so it is expected that you bring your own food when going to the resort. Food grillers are available free of charge and they don’t charge corkage for food. Corkage are only charge for drinks. The resort also charge fee for electrical consumption depending on the gadget or appliance such as laptops, rice cookers and a like.

Contact Person: Mr. Nolmer Sangilan
Contact Number: 09983030831

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Do’s and Don’ts
  • Early resort arrival time. Resort only accepts reservation when you pay ahead of time. It is advisable for walk-in customers to arrive early on the resort when you are planning to get a cottage or a room since there are many customers. It is best to contact the resort to have a hassle free vacation.
  • Bring food. Since the resort don’t have a restaurant, it is expected that you bring food with you when going to the resort.
  • Bring needed things. All needed things must be ready before going to the resort since its canteen might not have it. Good thing there is a convenient store near the wraft so it is advisable to drop by at the convenient store and buy all the things you need to have a stress free vacation!
  • Bring power banks. Since resort outlets are limited it is advisable to bring power bank or extra battery.
  • Drink only at your limit. Liquor are not prohibited in the resort however it is expected that you only drink at your limit to avoid incidents.
  • Don’t leave your things unattended. The resort will not be accountable to your belongings. It is advised not bring any valuable things with you when going to the resort.


Entrance FeeDay TourOvernight
Child (5 to 10yrs old)P 10.00P 15.00
AdultP 25.00P 30.00
TableP 100.00
Small Open CottageP 200.00
Big (with or without videoke machine)P 300.00
PavilionP 2000.00
Close CottageP 500.00
Two Floors Close Cottage (B-12)P 600.00
SoftdrinksP 50.00 per case
P 10.00 per bottle
BeerP 50.00 per case
P 10.00 per bottle
Hard LiquorP 15.00 per bottle
ChaserP 10.00 per bottle
Day Tour Check-Out Time: 5:00 PM Overnight Check-Out Time: 12:00 – 12:30 PM
Note Listed rates may subject to change without prior notice.

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