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La Familia Beach Resort

If you are searching for the best resort to meditate, sleep and rest then La Familia Beach Resort is the one you’re looking for. Every one of us might feel so exhausted sometimes due to all of the life struggles that we have or from peers and careers. So, it is the right time to pause and rest! Why NOT? You should have time to refresh yourself and be more productive later on.

La Familia Beach Resort is located in Purok 5, Brgy. Limao Piñaplata, the Islands Garden City of Samal which can be traveled for 10 to 12 minutes from Samal Wharf. You can reach the place by any type of vehicle such as motorcycle, tricycle and others. A fare of 40 pesos per person is charged if you ride a the tricycle from the wharf to the resort. So what are you waiting for? Visit the resort and refresh yourself.

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Do’s and Don’ts
  • Drop Everything. How can we rest if we keep our mind still working? So you have to drop every struggle that you have. Set aside your phone for a while and have a moment for yourself. Stop worrying about anything that bothers you and focus on the inner you. If we clean our thought, it keeps ourselves renewed and relaxed.
  • Enjoy Your Bed. La Familia offers you a homelike ambiance because of their different types of huts that you surely enjoy. So take off your shoes and feel the comfort of their huts beside the beach. You can choose among the different types of huts which are listed below. If you are together with your partner, husband, pangga or honey, you can choose Bali Uno, Bali Dos or Bali Tres which located nearly beside the beach. You can have candlelight themed during at night while staying at the Bali huts. Moreover, La Familia can also cater a large number of visitors, so you can bring all your friends and family member.
  • Bring Foods To Eat. Always bring enough foods every hanging out or traveling to save money. But if you can’t do it because of a busy life, La Familia can offer you a lot of foods and drinks. You can choose from different types of dishes from soup dishes and dry dishes. They have also a wide variety of souvenirs perfect for your love ones and for yourself.
  • Have A Party. La Familia could offer you a function hall for birthdays and reunions. The function can accommodate 100 persons maximum and it can also offer themed parties. It depends on the preferences you have for your party.


Entrance FeeDay Tour Overnight
Child (8 yrs old and below)P 75.00P 150.00
AdultP 100.00P 200.00
Bali Uno CottageP 1600.002 persons
Bali Dos CottageP 1600.002 persons
Bali Tres CottageP 1600.002 persons
Big CottagesP 1000.0025 persons
Antiqua/ Havana CottageP 3000.0010 persons
Aruba/ Barbados/ Bermuda CottageP 3500.0012 persons
Bahamas CottageP 4300.0014 persons
Jamaica CottageP 7000.0018 persons
Teresitas CottageP 8000.0018 persons
Room TypeRateCapacity
Air-conditioned Room 1P 2700.005 persons
Air-conditioned Room 2/ Room 3P 3000.006 persons
Air-conditioned Room 4 (Beach front)P 3500.006 persons
Air-conditioned Room 5P 2200.002 persons
Jet SkiP 1500.00 (for 15 minutes)
P 4000.00 (for 1 hour)
3 persons
Banana BoatP 100.00 per 5 minutes4 persons
TowablesP 450.00 per 15 minutes2 persons
Check – In Time: 8:00 AM/3:00 PMCheck – Out Time: 4:00 PM/11:00 AM
Note Listed rates may subject to change without prior notice. In excess of allowed numbers of persons per cottage and air-conditioned rooms, P 200.00 per person will be charged.

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