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Rocky Beach Resort

One of the underrated beach resort in Samal is the Rocky beach resort. The resort is not quite popular to the people outside Samal City but famous among the locals. The resort is under development but its beach shore will surely amaze anyone. It has a crystal white sand and a very clean beach water making the resort tantalizing. If you are looking for a cheap beach resort that is beautiful and clean where you want to enjoy the scenery with less noise, then this resort is what you are looking for!

The resort is not as vast as other beach resorts but it can cater around 150 people. It is not yet well develop compare to other resorts but the needed facilities for a well spent vacation is available in the resort. Air-conditioned rooms, closed and open cottages which are perfect for over night stay are offered in the resort. They also has a pavilion for a large group activities. Resort amenities includes parking lot, restroom, shower rooms and grillers.

The resort is beside Mayuni Disney beach resort which is located at Brgy. Catagman, Samal District Island Garden City of Samal. Form the Samal wraft, you can reach the resort by riding a single motor or a tricycle which cost 25 pesos per person. If you’re a solo traveler or bag packer, you can hire or pakyaw a single motor for 75.00 pesos or a tricycle for 100 pesos to directly take you to the resort.

Contact Number: 09053460878

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Do’s and Don’ts
  • Bring food. You are expected to bring food when going to the resort. The resort don’t have a restaurant or a canteen.
  • Don’t leave your things unattended. The resort will not be accountable to your belongings. It is advised not bring any valuable things with you when going to the resort.


Entrance FeeDay Tour (7:00am-5:00pm)Over Night (5:00pm-7:00am)
ChildrenP 15.00P 20.00
AdultP 25.00P 50.00
Bottled Water/Softdrinks/BeerP 5.00 (Small) / P 10.00 (Big)
Liquor/Brandy/Rhum/WhiskyP 20.00 (Small) / P 30.00 (Big)
Lechon BaboyP 150.00
Lechon BakaP 250.00
Airpot/Rice Cooker/Laptop P 30.00
Electronic ChargerP 15.00
Room/CottagesDay Tour RateOver Night Rate
Open CottageP 300.00P 500.00
Closed CottageP 500.00P 800.00
Air Conditioned RoomP 1300.00P 1500.00
OthersDay Tour RateOver Night Rate
TablesP 150.00P 250.00
Large TentP 1000.00P 1500.00
Function HallP 2000.00P 2500.00
Personal Small TentP 100.00P 200.00
Personal Large TentP 200.00P 300.00
Note Listed rates may subject to change without prior notice.

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