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Enhance Your Personality Through Traveling

In every avenue of our life we should search for ways to improve ourselves.

We are not perfect, yet we seek for perfection daily. We create our own benchmark for every aspect of our life. Benchmark in degree, in a relationship, life’s partner, traveling and more. Benchmark which implemented thru habits, goals, and attitude.

By following and complying our own benchmark we should have our Control Plan and Checksheet to control everything. Control Plan which setting our personal long term and short term goals and Checksheet or our own life’s Gantt chart. Our Gantt chart which consisting traveling to earn more knowledge and friends. Traveling is always a good avenue to learn and to socialize. Try going in Isla Reta, Taicud Island which one of the biggest Island within Samal Islands.

When we are working,  traveling is right there to improve our professional skills such as leadership, communication, confidence and more. One of the most common activity we know is Team Building which enhances our interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills. It will help us to communicate within ourselves toward others. Within us is the world where a lot of arguments, opinions and mixed emotions which should be justified by our logical and emotional notions. We should improve our intrapersonal aspect to be equipped efficiently and able to have good interpersonal relationships with others. I tell you, not all your arguments are right. You must evaluate everything before having concrete justification about everything and everyone.


  1. Every Single Being Is A Team. Our whole being is a good example of a team composing mental aspect, physical and spiritual aspect. Everything should be balanced and function according to your Control Plan and own Gantt chart. Keep in mind every aspect should function correlated and controlled.  Be logical in your decision making based not only on your emotions but based on the facts you gathered from your surroundings.
  2. Loosen Up VS Tightened Up. I remember my high school teacher with this matter. Leadership is like parenting too. One of my favorite teacher and me as his favorite student (just got smile remembering the old days with my friends too), taught us that parenting should be a “V” pattern. He taught that kids should be mold according to “V” shape, give him limited freedom and privilege while he’s young and loosen up as he is growing phase by phase. Loosen up is good in leadership and parenting too. If you’re a leader of a team you should follow this method, give tighter responsibility and privilege while your member is a newbie in the group or it is also applicable for all team members. They will appreciate sooner or later that they learned a lot of skills which lead them to become more productive efficiently and effectively. They will appreciate also the trust you will give them as you loosen up your leadership. Trusting them for more responsibilities while giving them more privilege are ways to encourage them to improve daily or implement Kaizen.

Remember: Whatever failures you have now, or whoever hurt you please keep in mind to seek for Kaizen.(Kaizen means aiming for improvement daily). Kaizen to become a righteous person.

Photos Credit to Katrina Honorario

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