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When Life is getting tougher which made you feel restless and depressed about everything. Try Island Hopping and have fun. Living our life to the fullest everyday will give us more meaningful and worthy existence…

When I was single and workaholic as QC/QA Engineer in one of the Japanese firms in the Philippines, I used to travel to reward myself and have lone time. I love traveling, I used to travel alone since I was 10years old when my father trained me to be independent to handle our furniture stuff. Traveling tingled my being to discover a lot of things, like how people live in that place, what culture they have, how they behave and more. The more we are traveling, the more we become understanding and empathizing different people around the world. Traveling will make us contented in everything we have. Because traveling will show us how blessed we are of everything we have.

Here are the Ten indications which tell you that you need to travel now.

  1. Are You Depressed?  Do you get sick frequently? Feel tired without doing anything? And feeling worthless and helpless? These are the indications you are depressed. Traveling will help you to cure yourself from suffering depression. Many studies have shown that having a pleasant experience like walking in nature, hugging somebody, laughing and more will help your body produce its own Oxytocin or Love Hormones which make us feel happy. Island Hopping is Samal will give you a great experience and will rise your Oxytocin levels to make you more productive. So what are you waiting for? Book now!
  2. Are You A Brokenhearted?Ouch…. So hurting. when I was brokenhearted I can’t sleep and I can’t eat well. But do you want to stay brokenhearted forever? Please Don’t! If you want to move on and gain back yourself you need to move away from the place which reminds you of your previous relationship. Try to visit Samal Islands and stay here for a month or more not to forget everything but helping you to fade the emotions you have right now. Keep in mind at this moment of your life you can only manage yourself and no one can help you. Cheer up, dear! Pack your things now and let’s define your worth.
  3. Do You Feel Exhausted About Everything?Yeah, I’ve been in your shoes before. So exhausted to be a bread winner even nothing left in my pocket. Exhausted of handling people who define my leadership. Or do you feel exhausted on your present job and never define it enjoyable anymore? Please don’t quit! Just pause and have retreat now. Traveling anywhere like traveling here in Samal Islands will give enough rest and self-revival to be more productive again.
  4. Do You Want To Know Yourself Better? Yes, we have the same idea. Traveling will help us to discover ourselves more by unleashing the strengths and adventurous in us. Sometimes traveling will give us enough time to meditate and draw our whole being as a person. Traveling will let us discover ourselves, what makes us happy and contented.
  5. Are You Searching For Adventure? Traveling will give you enough experiences which measure your capability and limitations. An adventure like diving and hiking will improve your personality, not only your physiology but also your EQ or Emotional Quotient. The more we socialize and the more we touch things rather than looking on it, is the higher EQ we have. Remember your being is not just about IQ but the most important thing is your EQ which makes you a stronger person.
  6. Are You Single And Looking For A Lifetime Partner? Oh, are you asking yourself why nobody noticed you even you define yourself as a good catch?Oh, cmon the problem is not with them but in you. Stop staying in your comfort zone and reveal your whole self. Sometimes, if we can’t find our forever here, just try traveling at the other places. The more you travel, the more chances to socialize and meet your partner. The probability of meeting your forever is always equal to the number of strangers you’ll going to meet divided by the number of travels you have now. A couple always started as being strangers to each other. My husband was a stranger for me before we end up in the relationship, he came from Luzon and I’m in Mindanao. So strange, yet a reality.
  7. Do You Want A Strong Relationship? The more you explore the world together, the stronger the bond for each other. Did you travel throughout the Philippines or other countries? If you haven’t try Samal Islands, come and visit here. When we are traveling as a couple it’s not the places which remind us, but the experiences we shared together. Laughing together, eating together and swimming together which increases our love hormones and help us inspired daily.
  8. Do You Want To Surprise Somebody? Are you planning to surprise you mother or your father for her or his birthday? Traveling here is a better idea than dining at the expensive restaurant. Traveling to Samal Islands will give chance to rest, relax and have fun. It’s the experience will make their birthday more memorable rather than just eating outside. So plan your family vacation now and make your itinerary.
  9. Do You Want To Be Smarter? Our intelligence is measured in how fast we understand things or solve the problem, but our smartness is measured on how large is our stock knowledge. The more we travel, the more we become resourceful and smarter. In traveling we learned different types of languages, we discover different delicacies and understand different cultures. We can be smarter not just reading books, watching documentaries but the most important way is gaining our stock knowledge through experiences which we get from traveling.
  10. Or Do You Want To Reward Yourself? Sometimes we need to reward ourselves in different ways to get inspired to work harder in our own field of careers. Traveling is one of the best ideas which give us enough time to rest, relax and have a vacation from stressors. Reward yourself once a year is one of the healthy treats says by some of the psychologists. Healthy treats for yourself will make you more effective and efficient being.

Remember it’s better to Hack your own life, than hacking others lives. It doesn’t gonna make sense to search for others mistakes and weaknesses….

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