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Next Destination For Your Relationship Goals : The Island Buenavista Resort

Celebrate LOVE and go far with your partner. The more you travel  with each other, the more memories you gain.

When I was young and so in love with my ex-boyfriend (husband) I really wanted to travel and try different activities in the country. We went in different places and tried different food we haven’t eat before. He tried to travel with me because I’m a traveler and adventurous too. I wanna go anywhere and wished I could.  I tell you traveling will really help your relationship and having enough space getting to know each other.

Try this amazing resort which owned the whole Small Liguid in Samal Islands. Feels like celebrities whose having the honeymoon in an exclusive and secured island like this. Island Buenavista Resort was featured in SunStar, Choose Philippines and other known blogging sites. I wished I could bring my ex-boyfriend there someday for our second honeymoon. How about you? Include this on your Travel Goals now with your boyfriend or husband and you really leave the resort filled with so much love.

This resort is highly secured because it is guarded by militaries with fire arms and anyone couldn’t go near on the island because they are monitoring everything using telescopes. What?! Yeah, the island is really secure and safe. The resort has lots of packages, amenities and services just visit the page under Beaches on this site for more detailed information.


  1. Cuddling For Love Hormones. Cuddling will relax us because it helps our brain to produce Oxytocin, the same way as a mother breastfeeding her baby. Oxytocin helps our whole being to be inspired, as you noticed if you’re in-love you are inspired to do many things. Oxytocin also helps ease every anxiety we experience day by day from our surroundings.
  2. Discuss Out Of Nowhere. When it comes to relationship communication is the real key to make everything worth. Make your time with each other useful and memorable. As a girl, we should initiate the discussions sometimes, like asking “What do you think about the place?” or ” What do you want to eat?” men do love women when they are caring. As you go on with your discussion just go deeper. Keep in mind that affection or love couldn’t be labeled if no words being said. So express your love with your words guys.
  3. Time As Precious Gift. Keep in mind we should live our life to the fullest daily. Assume that every travel you have is unique and last. So you should make plans or To-do list for your travel so that it will be perfect. Perfect travel goals are equal to more memorable experiences. Don’t look and wait until you save much money for it. Just go for what you have now, you don’t need much money to travel. Try near places. The important thing is you travel with your partner and earning memories together. Remember if the two of you are happy within your relationship, you become more productive in everything you do.

LOVE with all your heart and decide with all your mind…

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