Samal Destination

About Samal Island

Island Garden City of Samal or known as Samal Island is one of the city included in the  Province of Davao Del Norte. It has more than 100, 000 population at the present composing  Isamals and migrants.

Samal Island is one of the destinations being visited most of the time by many tourists coming  from different places around the world. It is known not only in the Philippines but all over the  world because of its beautiful beach resorts and hospitable people. Samal has everything you need  and everything you want. It is the place that you can choose to retire and to live for your entire  life.

Samal named from Isamal who were the first migrants from Malay Region of Southeast Asia. Isamal migrated because they wanted for colonizing and spreading territory based on Beyer’s Theory. Isamal brought Iron Age culture in the whole Samal island.

During World War II under the supervision of Datu Taganiog the Pacific War also happened and led the Japanese to occupied the island and forced the people to worked for them. Allied Forces helped the local government to expelled the Japanese from the island. After the World War II establishments was started to built in the island.

The municipality of Samal officially founded on July 8, 1948 and started to grow year by year. In 1953, Babak founded its own municipality within Samal island by Executive Order No. 586. While in 1966, Kaputian also created its own municipality by virtue of Republic Act No. 4745 and built its own local governance. Until now the Island Garden City of Samal is rapidly growing yearly.

Samal Island is govern under the supervision of Mayor Al David T. Uy and Vice Mayor Orly A. Amit. The municipality of Samal is improving with the help of the following SP members and IP representative:

  1. Richard A. Guindolman
  2. Dan P. Gervacio
  3. Michael D. Robledo, Sr.
  4. Lemuel T. Reyes
  5. Glen C. Colmenares
  6. Abelardo D. colmenares
  7. Ruel H. Bantillo
  8. Guillermo E. Olden
  9. Charles C. Ligan
  10. Jan Albert R. Ortiz
  11. Ricardo A. Tacsanan
  12. Metodio D. Gonato
  13. Alfonzo V. San Juan Sr.
  14. Ludwig Von P. Gervacio


Samal Island is bountiful for resources which lead to the faster growth of their economy. It is one of the suppliers of Davao City for livestock, corn, mango, copra and fishes which is a proof of the abundance of the island. The island is popular nowadays because of beaches and other tourism ventures.

Samal Island at the present have 108,552 population based on the taken 2014 Census. It has 46 Barangays, 313 Puroks and 24,614 Households based on 2015 survey. Samal island has 30,130 hectares total area composing uneven distribution of lowlands, hills and mountain ranges. Samal island is composed by main island and seven islets. The seven islets are Talikud Island, Big Liguid, Small Liguid, Arboles Shoal otherwise known as Sanipaan, Small Malipano, Big Malipano and Wishing Islet.

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