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It’s July and You’re Still Broken..

Are You Brokenhearted? Or you haven’t move on from June’s wedding of your ex-lover?

Then join me and visit Secdea Beach Resort to move on and release all the heartaches you have now!

Susan J Elliott JD, M.Ed says “Let the Feelings Out. Have time to release all your feelings to heal yourself…” To this healing process traveling will let you do that and will help you move on easily.

You can try lots of activities and services they have to help you on your moving on phase. Sometimes it is really hard to release all the heartaches we have and traveling will help you to do that. Remember the movie titled Camp Sawi? Are you experiencing the same feelings of some characters there? Wanna shout? Wanna unwind? And wanna go out to burst all of the hidden aches in your heart? Or you can try some of the activities and services they have which shown below.

RC HobbyShop RentalsRateCapacity
Jetski (yamaha)P 4,500.00/hour
P 2,850.00/ 30 mins.
P 1,500.00/ 15 mins.
2 persons
FlyboardP 4,500.00/ 20 mins.2 persons alternate
Banana Boat RideP 500.00/ 15mins/personminimum of 3
Fly Fish RideP 2,500.00/ 20 mins.6 persons
Twin WedgeP 1,750.00/ 20 mins.4 persons alternate
Disc – OP 1,750.00/ 20 mins.4 persons
Wake BoardP 1,750.00/ 20 mins.2 persons
Knee BoardP 1,750.00/ 20 mins.2 persons
Water SkiP 1,750.00/ 20 mins.2 persons
SegwayP 2,000.00/ hour
P 1,000.00/ 30mins.
1 person
Sea KayakP 450.00/hour2 persons
Snorkeling SetP 350.00---
Life Vest & FinsP 120.00---
Scuba Diving and ToursP 3,000.00 per person (Intro Dive)
P 1,600.00 per person (Day Dive)
P 2,100.00 per person (Night Dive)
Tour PackageP 1,000.00 (SECDEA Corner)
P 3,500.00 (Dive Site: Ligid Island)
P 3,500.00 (Camumud Point)
P 3,500.00 (Balet Point)
P 6,000.00 (Vanishing Island)
P 15,000.00 (Talicud Island)
P 4,000.00 (Coral Tour)


  • Isolation Isn’t Right. When you are brokenhearted and wanted to move on? DON’T stay at home! It will worsen the depression, anxiety, and heartaches you have. Come and go out and release your heartache. Break your shell out of your aching zone.
  • Traveling As New Journey. Based on research about depression and healing by Julia Humpray, trying new things will help you ease from heartaches and depression. Traveling and trying new activities will help you produce your own happy enzymes and overcome the heartaches you have.
  • Reveal Your Inner Side. Don’t cover your feelings and pretend to be the strongest man or women who can handle everything. Let the feelings out from the coffin inside your heart. Don’t keep it for the rest of your life. Give time to cry each day and make it descending order. if your cry for 40 minutes today, just give 35 minutes to cry tomorrow. And repeat the same subtraction the next day until the feelings fade.
  • LOVE YOURSELF.  The last and the most important thing. Identify your worth and know your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your strength and start on it. If you are a writer or a singer or a chef? Focus on that and keep yourself busy to improve your skills. Moreover, knowing weaknesses it doesn’t mean to feel so small because of these. Identifying weaknesses is a journey to know ourselves and provide solutions for these. We are an engineer of our own lives, an engineer which provide solutions (weaknesses) and build implementations.

I hope all the advises I have will help your broken heart…

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